What about the wealthy affiliate.

It’s just a group of people from all walks of life seeking to build a better future for themselves and/or their families. The website is set up as a community to interact with each other to ask questions and get answers. This community is made up of ordinary people like myself as well as people with years of experience in internet marketing.Wealthy Affiliate training program


The whole community contributes to one another in building viable online businesses. All members have access to training videos, courses set up in steps, classrooms, live webinars, tutorials both video and written, live chat where the founders Kyle and Carson participate.


My take on wealthy affiliate:

I started my online business with Wealthy Affiliate training because I needed lots of help. My not having any previous experience in online marketing is why I needed a place that walked me through each step.  After I completed a course I was asked to complete certain tasks and when I had finished my website was ready to make money.


I’ve built websites at other places but didn’t know what to do with them after I finished but the simplicity of each course here at wealthy affiliate has made it possible for me to believe that this online business does work.


Make money with wealthy affiliate


An Introduction:

They have tons of information on this site and are always updating and adding new training. It’s suggested new members begin with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course which consist of 10 lessons on basic internet marketing. These courses are made up of written and video training and shows you how to choose your niche, build your website and get traffic so you make money from your business.


They show how to become affiliates to places like Amazon and Walmart plus many others. They show you how to promote products from these programs to make money from commissions. They also offer an opportunity to make money with wealthy affiliate through their bootcamp program.




•Video classes

•Live chat

•Live training

•Community support


The classrooms are filled with hundreds of tutorials and videos created by the founders of wealthy affiliate as well as members and range in topics from promoting products from Amazon, creating your own product, setting up email list, how to use social media and much more.


Live chat is a place where members can ask questions about their business and get answers from other members as well as the owners. A lot of places you can’t find the owners anywhere but here they are in the chat sessions with the members, answering questions.


Every Friday night there’s a live video class touching on a variety of topics, and after, members can ask questions and get an answer live.


As far as the community itself you can find someone to talk with 24/7, it’s a great place to make friends with people from around the world. Everyday many conversations take place in the community both business and personal.


With 12 classrooms, certification courses, bootcamp training, live chat, live training and numerous written and video training courses as well as a thousands of members to talk to and ask questions you won’t find anything like it online. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me in so many ways I can’t help but highly recommend it to people just starting or anyone  just needing a helping hand with their business.


The way Kyle and Carson have set this website up makes it easier to get started in an online business than any place out there. As a matter of fact they give more free stuff than you’d get from a paid site elsewhere. With the three step website creation you can have a website up in less than 30 seconds.


As a member I get my own profile page where I can blog about things on my mind or share with other members ideas that work for me in my business.



Pros logo green

The positive aspects of Wealthy Affiliate:

There’s a lot of stuff here to help anyone no matter what you know about the internet. There’s something for everyone who wants to build and grow an online business.  There’s way too much about this program to list on this site so I’ll touch on a few key items.


1) Training:

WA training is set to help a person without any experience. It starts with basic courses in internet marketing and moves to more advanced training as your business grows. I know it works because I didn’t know anything about the internet and at that time if you said I could make money from what I did, I’d say you were crazy. With wealthy affiliate it doesn’t matter your age, experience, your background or where you are from.


2) Courses:

At present there’s five courses of 10 lessons in internet marketing consisting of finding a niche, building a website, getting traffic, making money and much more. These courses are geared towards promoting a product as an affiliate, finding and setting up accounts with affiliate programs like Amazon.

Then there’s the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp consisting of 7 courses of 10 lessons where you learn to promote the wealthy affiliate program with great payouts just look ate the sample scenario below.


Wealthy affiliate money chart


3) Regular Updates

Unlike other programs out there that offer old outdated information wealthy affiliate’s training is updated regularly so when trends change in internet marketing there will be new information for the wealthy affiliate member.


Live chat is the place to get answers now when you get stuck, you don’t have to wait for an answer for 24-48 hours like you do with a support ticket. Live chat is 24/7  it’s common to find marketing experts as well as Kyle and Carson the owners there taking questions.


4) Wealthy Affiliate techniques

WA believes in techniques that work like Pay it Forward and Try Before You Buy. They want members who have become very successful from wealthy affiliate training to pitch in and help others who need help in building their business. Then they believe so much in this program you can get started for free and take 7 days to check out what the full program offers.


After taking the full tour and talking with other members in the community, should you decide to stay within that 7 day period you’ll get a break on the monthly fee. For making a decision to give wealthy affiliate a try your first month will be $19.00, this gives you a full month to take in as much as possible.


Members enjoy an all inclusive program for a low monthly fee with no upsells ever. This gives you total access to training courses,1000’s of website themes, hosting and much more. No contracts means you can leave any time should you choose.


There’s still a lot offered at no cost for the starter account, the 2 websites, hosting, and ten lessons are well over a thousand dollars in value.


There’s lots of programs out there that may look good but most only work for a short period if they work at all. The difference between wealthy affiliate and these programs is the way WA concentrates on your success in building a business that makes money.



Cons red logoThere are a few negatives:

While no system is perfect the negatives at WA are few but new members may or may not have a problem with them plus time will make them more clear.

1) Getting Over Whelmed

There’s a lot of information in the free courses as well as the full courses and I’ve seen many new members get stuck while going through the training. Most are simple problems but for people with no experience it can be a big problem and that’s where we pay it forward to get them through the obstacles.  It’s common for new members to WA to get hung up but in time and the great help of the community it gets a lot easier.


2) The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

New members want to forge ahead to make the big money here at WA so they jump into the boot camp and run into a wall. This is a more difficult course for non experienced members and should be placed on the back burner for a while.


Learn the affiliate marketing part of the business and then move into the boot camp training. As you complete each course it gets easier with understanding of the business in general. Wealthy Affiliate won’t make you rich but by following the training and then taking action on what you learn will make you rich.


3) Free Websites

The free account is yours forever but you don’t own the websites that comes with the free account. These websites are there as building blocks to help you build a business, BUT, since you build the websites you have an option to transfer them to your own domain in time. Please don’t misunderstand me you can make good money from these free websites and it’s simple to transfer your information to a domain you own.


So Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For:

WA’S training is set up to benefit the beginner so anyone with absolutely no experience in internet marketing will benefit the most from this training. These courses are based on training newbies to create a website and fill it with great content to promote products offered through affiliate programs like Amazon.


After completing the courses everyone will have a great looking website up and running ready to make money but anyone can benefit from wealthy affiliate training no matter what your background or education.


Wealthy Affiliate consist of people from all walks of life. There’s moms, dads, college students, working people, unemployed people, teenagers, people with MBA’S, business people and even grand parents like myself. Because Wa is loaded with tons of information it draws in people of this caliper.


What Can You Expect From Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are looking for a way to make money fast then forget this program. If you want a program that doesn’t require work to succeed then forget this program.


If you are a spammer, use unethical tactics or unwilling to help others then go some place else.


But if you are seeking legitimate business training that makes it possible to make money through your efforts and provides you with every tool needed to build that business then this program is exactly what you are looking for and you can decide if this type business is for you at no cost.


What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different?

Have you ever been a member of a program that promises great riches if you buy their product? If so then you know it won’t happen and it probably cost you a bunch of money too. I read an article written about wealthy affiliate from someone who wasn’t a member. He didn’t have any negative stuff to say so I don’t know why he wrote the article.


His website was promoting a product with different cost to get started. Promising great things but after you become a member you’ll need to spend more to get more information to move up. I won’t put the name of this program here, but I will say it doesn’t work the way he says, because I have been involved with it in the past.


Wealthy Affiliate won’t promise you anything but great training and support which is required to be successful in the internet business. One flat fee with no up sales gets every tool needed to build and operate a successful online business.


Where they make promises of great riches without working ( won’t happen ) but Wealthy Affiliate offers great training ( which must be followed ) that helps you become successful and make good money online.


Why Consider Wealthy Affiliate?

There’s only one reason to consider wealthy affiliate.

If you are a person who wants a change in your future or a way to control your income.

You are tired of fighting a losing battle and going nowhere in life.

You want a way to make extra money.

You just hate your job and want out of the rut.

If any of these reasons fit your current situation then this program can help you deal with them and help you make those changes in your life.

It only takes three items to change lives Desire, Website and Help


Get Real Support From People. “Who Care”.

Have you ever sent a support ticket to get more information or deal with a problem you’ve encountered with a product? Then you know 90 percent don’t care if they help you or not.


It may take days to get a response when you don’t have days. Have you ever tried to get in touch with the owner of a website? In most cases it’s impossible.


If you get an answer it usually doesn’t help your problem, this happens everyday throughout the world, so don’t be disappointed if their support system doesn’t do much for you.


Support is what makes WA’S program the greatest in the world. No matter the time of day or night someone will be available to give you an answer and help you solve your problem now. With thousands of people joining us each day there’s no problem finding someone to talk with and get help.


To Sum Up in a Few Words.

Great training and lots of it.

More stuff for free than most paid programs offer.

Access and help from the owners.

Support from the greatest community of entrepreneurs in the world.

I must say personally, without this programs help, I would still be looking and I know I would have never made a dollar from my online business and for that I must thank them for all the great support I have received.

I want to thank you for reading my review of this program so please leave any thoughts you have in the comment box below and I look forward to working with you after you become a member of the greatest training program in the world.. Again Thank you..